Website Mockup Using Adobe XD

I made mockups for a website that promotes a candidate city councilor.All the content I added (text, quotes, names and photos) to look enriched is from the popular TV series "The Office US".

The Website consists of seven pages (In turn from the first PDF page):

  1. "Home" page which includes featured posts, quotes, photos etc.
  2. "News" page where the voters and followers can learn the latest news and announcments about the candidate
  3. "People" page that names other candidates who running by the side of the political party
  4. "Contact" page where people can contact by sending an email, follow the candidate at the social media etc.
  5. "New Office" (the campaign name) page in which people can learn about the political party
  6. "Michael Scott" page that display the candidates profile
  7. "Post" page that shows how the post are displayed when someone click one of them.


  • The project was written in Greek
  • In every page there is a spot that diplay a quote of our candidate except the "Home" page where is a Carousel widget that displays more than one.
  • Also in the "Home" page there are two more Carousel widgets, one on the top which changes images and one in the moddle that dipslay some of the other candidates
  • The Header and the Footer are the same in every page
  • Every quote, person, screenshot is from the TV series The Office US