Android App using Android Studio

Recently I developed an Android app in 3-4 weeks for one of my courses called "Mobile Applications Development" using Android Studio which gave me the opportunity to associate with my university and create an official app for the students of my department.

The Αpp consists of eight activities:

Login Activity

In this activity, students can login with their academic user account so they can have access inside the app.

There is not a register button because the idea is only students of my department can use this app so their user accounts are pre-stored to the university server.

Main Menu Activity

This is the main activity that displays with a grid layout all the options that a students can choose to interract with.

The options are: Calendar, Announcements, Email, Chat, E-Secretery, Professors Emails, Dining Menu, Map, Library, Erasmus+, Eclass, Εudoxus. Eclass is an open source school platform that the most greek univesities use to help the students interract with their professors and Eudoxus is a Greek platform that students use to choose their course books.

On the top right there is a big white logout button and on the left there are 2 textviews that display from the server the student's full name and their student ID number.

Activity WebView

This is the an activity that opens 5 different URLs: Eclass, Announcements, Map, Eudoxus and Erasmus+

Activity Chat

Students can use this activity to interract with each other such us communicate, share news or notes about a course, comment on a post etc.

Professors Emails Activity

In this activity, students can search for a professors email.


  • The project was written in Java
  • The assignment's deadline was 3-4 weeks after it started
  • I used firebase (firestore) as a server